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Book Shelf

Book shelf on Erica

Books are some of my finest, most faithful, and treasured friends. Therefore, it shouldn't be much of a surprise to find that they feature a lot in the podcast. The programme notes for each episode list the full bibliographical details and, whenever possible, links to the publishers or (for out of copyright books) to the books themselves. 

Below is a list of authors/books used (either read or constiting more than a passing reference) and links to the episodes in which they appear. 


Breton, N. (c.1620) The Kalendar of Shepherds: Being Devices for the Twelve Months.  Episodes: 4, 10, 15, 32, 42

Hadfield, M. (1950) An English Almanac published by J.M. Dent and Sons. Episodes: 8, 17, 25, 28, 34, 87,

Wheeler Shaw, H. (1870) Josh Billing’s Old Farmer’s Allminax. Episode: 15.


Kilvert, F. (1977) Kilvert’s Diary (1870-1879): A selection edited and introduced by William Plommer published by Penguin books. Episode: 17.   

Lee, L. (2016) A Village Christmas and Other Notes on the English Year published by Penguin books.. Episode 17, 60

Morriarty, J. (2001/2011) Nostos: An autobiography published by Lilliput Press. Episodes: 88.

Moriarty, J. (2007) What the Curlew Said: Nostos continued published by Lilliput Press. Episodes: 29, 44, 54, 88

Thomas, D. (1954) 'Memories of Christmas' in his Quite Early One Morning published by J.M. Dent and sons. Episode: 60

Thomas, H. (2012) As it Was and World Without End published (collection) by Carcanet. Episode: 25.

Canals and boating

Batty, J. (2019) Narrowboat Life: Discover life afloat on the inland waterways. Episode: 76

Dutton, J. (2021) Water Gypsies: Life on Britain's rivers and canals. Episode: 76

Griffee, A. (2019) Canal Pushers. Episode: 94 (summer reading).

Hassell, J. (1819) Tour of the Grand Junction. Episodes: 16, 37 (summer reading), 76

Hollingshead, J. (1858) Odd Journeys in and out of London published by Episodes: Groombridge. Episodes: 12, 16, 20, 37 (summer reading), 45, 76.

Lewis, G. (2014) The Longest Trench published by SGM Publishing. Episode: 95 (summer reading).

Machen, A. (1924) The London Adventure: Or the art of wandering re-published by Tartrus Press. Episode: 59.

Pearson, J,M. (2003/2017) Pearson’s Canal Companions: Oxford, Grand Union. published by Wayzgoose. Episode: 77

Pearson, J,M. (2017) Pearson’s Canal Companions: South Midlands. 10th edn. published by Wayzgoose. Episode: 45

Rolt, L.T.C. (1944) Narrow Boat published by Eire and Spottiswoode. Episodes: 35, 45, 46, 76, 77, 95.

de Salis, H.R. (1904)  Bradshaw's Canals and Navigable Rivers of England and Wales republished (2012) by Old House Books. Episode: 46

Scott-Davies, A. (2010) Shadows on the Water: The Haunted Canals and Waterways of Britain published by History Press. Episodes: 18, 45

Temple Thurston, E. (1911) The Flower of Gloster published by Williams and Norgate. Episodes: 5, 34, 38 (summer reading), 44, 76, 77,  

Wilkes, S. (2011) Tracing your Canal Ancestors: A guide for family historians published by Pen and Sword Family History. Episodes: 14, 45, 76,   


BB (1942) Little Grey Men reissued (2012) by Oxford University Press. Episode: 47.

BB (1948) Down the Bright Stream (later published as The Little Grey Men go Down the Bright Stream) also reissued (2001) by Oxford University Press. Episode: 47.

Boston, L.M. (1954) The Children of Green Knowe published by Faber and Faber. Episode: 60.  

Boston, L.M. (1958) The River at Green Knowe published by Faber and Faber. Episode: 39 (summer reading).

Cooper, S. (1973) The Dark is Rising published by Penguin Puffin. Episode 60

Grahame, K. (1908) The Wind in the Willows re-published (2005) by Penguin Classics. Episode: 43 (summer reading).

Thomas, D. (1961) Under Milkwood: A play for voices published by J,M. Dent and sons. Episode: 29.

Natural History

Ackerman, J. (2020) The Bird Way: A new look at how birds talk, work, play, parent and eat published by Penguin. Episode: 48.  

Armstrong, E.A. (1958) The Folklore of Birds (Collins New Naturalist Library 39) published by Collins. Episodes: 47, 65

Barnes, S. (2005) A Bad Birdwatcher's Companion published by Short Books. Episodes: 70, 73, 89

BB. (2008) The Naturalist’s Bedside Book published by Merlin Unwin Books. Episode: 65

Berry, W. (2017) World Ending Fire: Essential Wendell Berry published by Catapult. Episodes: 51, 68.

Buczacki, S. (2002) Fauna Britanica published by Hamlyn. Episodes: 8, 65

Černy, W. (2000) Field Guide in Colour to British Birds published by Silverdale Books. Episode: 65.

Clare, J (1820) The Shepherd's Calendar re-published (1993) by Oxford University Press. Episodes: 10, 19, 20, 23, 51,    

Coitir, M. (2016) Ireland’s Trees: Myths, legends and folklore published by The Collins Press. Episodes: 44, 55

Derrida, J. (2008) The Animal that Therefore I am published by Fordham University Press. Episode: 36.  

Folkard, R. (1884) Plant Lore, Legends, and Lyric: Embracing the myths, traditions, superstitions and folk-lore of the plant kingdom published by Sampson Low. Episode: 55.  

Hudson, J. (1910) A Shepherd's Life: Impressions of the South Wiltshire Downs re-published (2016) by Penguin Classics. Episode 22.

Hume, R. (2007) RSPB Complete Birds of Britain and Europe (revised edn.) published by Dorling Kindersley. Episode: 65.

Jamie, K. (2004) Findings published by Sort Of Books. Episode 79.

Jamie, K. (2019) Surfacing published by Penguin Random House, Episode 72.

Jeffries, R. (1881) Wood Magic: A fable published by Cassell and co.  Episode: 8.

Jeffries, R. (1898) Wildlife in a Southern County published by Smith, Elder and co. Episode: 17, 29

Keble Martin, W. (1965) The Concise British Flora in Colour published by Ebury Press. Episodes: 32, 55

Kimmerer, R.W. (2008) 'Nightfall' in Paul Bogard's (2008) Let There be Night: Testimony on behalf of the dark published by University of Nevada. Episode: 85.

Kimmerer, R.W. (2020) Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous wisdom, scientific knowledge and the teaching of plants published by Penguin. Episodes: 51, 83

Mazluff, J. and Angell, T. (2005) In the Company of Crows and Ravens published by Yale University Press. Episodes: 48, 66.  

Merton, T. (2003) When the Trees Say Nothing published by Sorin Books. Episodes: 28, 79.   

Miller, J (2020) Weird Woods: Tales from the Haunted Forests of Britain published by the British Library. Episode: 18

O' Donohue, J. (1999) Anam Cara: Spiritual wisdom from the Celtic world published by Penguin Random House. Episode 85

Oliver, M. (2021) Dog Songs published by Hachett UK. Episode: 74

Schneidau, L. (2018) Botanical Folktales of Britain and Ireland published by The History Press. Episodes: 22.

Schuyl, M. (2012) The Swan: A natural history published by Merlin Unwin. Episode: 70

Simard, S. (2021) Finding the Mother Tree: Uncovering the wisdom and intelligence of the forest published by Penguin. Episode 51.  

Struthers, J. (2009) Red Sky at Night: The book of lost countryside wisdom published by Ebury Press. Episode: 

Thomas, E. (1914) In Pursuit of Spring re-published (2002) by Laurel Books. Episodes: 19, 25.   

Vickery, R. (2019) Vickery’s Folk Flora: An A-Z of the folklore and uses of British and Irish plants published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson. Episodes: 44, 55, 86.

Night time literature

Beaumont, M. (2015) Night Walking: A nocturnal history of London from Chaucer to Dickens published by Verso. Episodes: 30, 85.

Bogard, P. (ed) (20 ) Let there be Night: Testimony on behalf of darkness published by University of Nevada Press. Episodes: 30, 35, 85, 88.

Ekirch, R (2005) At Day's Close: A history of night time published by Norton. Episode: 35, 85.

Gaw, M. (2020) Under the Stars: A journey into light published by Elliott and Thompson. Episodes: 7, 64

Yates, C. (2012) Nightwalk: A journey to the heart of nature published by Harper Collins.


[The link will take you to the relevant episode. Once there, go to 'chapters' to find the exact section where the reading occurs.] 

Anglo-Saxon Poems - translated by Michael Alexander (2006)


Bell, Jo.

Berry, Wendell.

Betjeman, John.

Blake, William.

Campbell, Nancy.

Dickinson, Emily. 

Grahame, K. 

Hennen, Tom.

Hopkins, Gerard Manley. 

Hughes, Ted.

Jacobson, Margaret.

MacMillan, Ian.

MacNeice, Louis.

de la Mare, W. 

Masefield, John. 

May, Steve.

Milne, A.A.

Oliver, Mary.

Plath, Sylvia.

Service, Robert (excerpts)

Stevenson, R.L.

Street, Seán.

Thomas, Dylan.

Thomas, Edward.

Thomas, R.S.

Thomas, Vanessa.

Whyte, D. 

Yeats, WB.


Compton, N. (2016) The Shipping Forecast: A miscellany published by Ebury. Episode: 49.

Connelly, C. (2019) Last Train to Hilversum: A journey in the search of the magic of radio published by Bloomsbury. Episodes: 1, 33, 49

Jefferson, P. (2011) And Now the Shipping Forecast: A tide of history around our shores published by UIT Cambridge. Episode: 49

Lloyd, D. (2019) Radio Secrets published by Rethink Press. Episode: 1

Street, S. (2013) The Poetry of Radio: The colour of sound published by Routledge. Episodes: 33, 96.

Street, S. (2019) The Sound inside the Silence: Travels in the Sonic Imagination published by Springer. Episode: 96.   


Binney, R. (2010) Wise Words and Country Ways: Weather Lore published by David and Charles. Episodes: 23, 28, 34

Dack, C. (1911) Weather and Folklore of Peterborough and District published by Peterborough Natural History, Scientific, and Archaeological Society. Episode 28

Dunlop, S. (2021) Weather Almanac 2022 published by HarperCollins. Episodes: 66,

Harris. A. (2015) Weatherland: Writers and artists under English skies published by Thames and Hudson. Episodes: 58, 73

Various (c.1900) Weather Folk-Lore of the Sea and Superstitions of the Scottish Fishermen. Episodes: 9,

Ancient Texts

Anglo Saxon:

  • 'The Ruin': Episode 58
  • 'The Seafarer': Episode 58

Anon. The Mabinogion. Episodes: 44, 55

Anon (c.1365) The Chronicle of Anonymous of Canterbury 1346-1365. Episode: 66

Breton, N. The Kalendar of Shepherds: Being Devices for the Twelve Months.  Episodes: 4, 10, 15, 32, 42,

Struluson, Snorri (c. 1200) Prose Edda. Episode: 73


Blackie, S. (2019) Foxfire, Wolfskin and other stories of Shapeshifting Women, published by September Books. Episode: 86.

Buber, M (1937) I and Thou (English Trans), published by T&T Clark. Episode: 36 

Derrida, J. (2008) The Animal that Therefore I am, published by Fordham University Press. Episode: 36.  

Hanson, S. (2008) 'Deep in the Heart' in Paul Bogard's (2008) Let There be Night: Testimony on behalf of the dark published by University of Nevada. Episode: 88.

Hertzberg, J. and Francois, Z. (2010) Five Minute Bread: The revolutionary new baking method: no bread machine, no kneading!, published by Random House. Episode: 83.

Koyama, K. (1980 reissued in 2021) Three Mile an Hour God, published by SCM. Episode: 72.

Rasmussen, K. (1908) People of the Polar North: A record, published by Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner. Episode: 72.

Videen, H. (2022) Wordhord: Daily life in old English, published by Princeton University Press. Episode: 79.

Winch, G. (2018) 'Why we need to take pet loss seriously'. Scientific American. Episode: 74