Finding ways to create something beautiful in the dark nights of a complex world


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A treat for the ears and sole

I have been a listener to Night time on still waters since almost the very start and every episode is absolutely fantastic, read with a smooth voice and the confidence of a news reader this is a podcast that will leave you wanting for more!!

I absolutely adore this podcast

I absolutely adore this podcast. I just listened to the latest episode, "Hot August Nights." I loved that I was hearing Richard's soothing voice talking about listening for distant thunder as I was lying in bed halfway around the world, also listening for distant thunder. And the thought of "walking the path of our future memories" was priceless. I can't recommend this podcast enough.

The perfect antidote to a sometimes toxic world

Listening to each episode of this podcast is a gift I give to myself each evening. I am transported back to simpler times by the descriptive richness of Richard's voice and the gentle sounds of life on the water. I feel my worries melt away as I relax into the gentle cadence and drift off to a restful sleep.

Just lovely

A friend introduced me to this. Glad he did. A calming voice, perfect for night-time listening. Simple pleasures recounted, observations. And water. What’s not to like?

My go to podcast to calm my mind

I find your podcast so relaxing and interesting. Your soothing voice calms my mind and kicks my spiraling anxiety to the side, soothing me to sleep each night. In the morning, I listen again to start my day well and catch anything I may have missed when I dozed off the night before.

How amazing to listen to

Firstly I am amazed anyone can leave a one star review, if you don’t like it don’t listen This is poetic and very calming I am amazed and will often put It on in the evening to unwind

Only 5 Stars?

If allowed, I would rate Nighttime on Still Waters dozens of stars rather than a measly 5. The world would be a nicer place in which to live if everyone were tuned into this podcast. Focusing on work had become a delight since I've been listening. I find myself listening to the podcasts over and over again as if they were drugs. This is an addiction I am eager to adopt. Congratulations Richard.

Gentle as a shower on a tin roof

Richard's voice is so smooth. He pulls you in gently to his world of words and leaves you pondering the thoughts, feelings and pictures he paints. Relaxing. l look forward to his podcast and find myself participating with words in comment. Gentle as rain shower on a tin roof.

This is not just a Podcast....

This is a nighttimeonstillwaters podcast - A rich concoction of words & images, thoughts & reflections; Coated in the warmth of a smiling voice, and drizzled with gentle background sounds; Filled with textures of narrowboat tales, and a centre oozing with the poetry of life; Crafted with care, and dusted with a sprinkling of magic stardust from a box of treasures & delights. This is not just a podcast This is a nighttimeonstillwaters ‘good-to-be-here’ podcast Worth every listening minute several times over. Thank you Enjoy🙏


Such a calm and soothing voice. Thank you for this amazing podcast.

Perfect for bedtime

With a voice absolutely made for radio or podcasting, Richard Goode’s regular ‘narrowcasts’ from ‘somewhere on Britain’s waterways’ are perfect for relaxation at the end of the day. Richard has a very soothing delivery, talking about living aboard the narrow boat ‘Erica’ or the wildlife around his moorings. I put an episode on as I get into bed and, by the end of roughly half an hour, I find that I regularly slip into slumber as the Lister putters off into the distance at the end.

Well written and wonderful!

You can’t beat the writing and the voice that reminds me of listening to my parents and their friends telling stories from the stairs in my pajamas as a child.

Colour of water

Absolutely excellent

Gentle yet thought provoking

Gentle yet thought provoking enough to draw the mind away from daytime worries.

Part of my nighttime routine... every night!

So glad I discovered the wonderfully soothing NOSW last year, these stunning podcasts have very much become part of my nightly routine. All of Richard's episodes are informative, varied and so very enchanting. What's more you can easily go back over past episodes again at a later date and get even more out of the podcasts, as if listening to them for the first time. The pace, presentation and rhythm of each episode hits the mark every time, leading to a uniquely relaxing audio experience. Thank you Richard.

Beautifully crafted podcast

Glad we found this.

Unique, Intelligent, Poetic

I’ve recently found your podcast after it was mentioned on The Mindful Narrowboat YouTube vlog. I find your voice incredibly relaxing and you speak in such a poetic way that I’m enchanted and always feel happier after listening to one of your podcasts. Your references to the nature that is all around us….if we look, even giving some of the water birds that you encounter daily a name, I find delightful. It makes me want to get out there on our leisure cabin cruiser and be amongst the elements and wildlife myself. I’m slowly working my way through your back catalogue of podcasts so I’ve got plenty to listen to. I love hearing about Penny the dog too. Your podcast is unique, intelligent, poetic, I’m just loving it. X

My night time working treat!!

I listen to the pod at night while driving all over the country! The podcast is an amazingly well laid out and produced sound for me to escape to while working. Keep up the great work and THANK YOU

Nighttime on still waters

Excellent. Inviting. Gentle My escape

Great Listening!

Having subscribed to Nighttime on Still Waters for over a year, I always find them a brilliant source of audio-content to relax to; the wide range of subjects covered often generates more interest in our local environment, especially the wildlife alongside our local river and woodlands. I'm a scientist by trade, and never enjoyed English Literature at school, but the inclusion of the read-material is always welcome (maybe some late education for me!) and creates really well-balanced content each week. Richard's calm voice, and the quietness of the surroundings just completes the podcasts, and makes them a really great listen - thoroughly recommended!

Stunningly soothing and entertaining

I’m not sure if my title adequately expresses how good this podcast is. It is full of insight about life in general along with a view on canal life. The presenters compassion and interest in life that he sees all around him is inspiring. His voice is soothing and I could listen to him all day. He has awakened in me a love and joy of poetry and writing. I couldn’t recommend this podcast enough

Warm blanket for the soul

If you’re inside today avoiding the storm, why not curl up and listen to this week’s brilliant podcast from NOSW? It’s like hot chocolate for the ears and a warm blanket for the soul!

Truly delightful.

This was truly delightful. I don’t normally listen to podcasts but this was a dreamy joy. Treat yourself, and feast yours ears on this

Give it a listen...

I can't not mention Nighttime on Still Waters on #InternationalPodcastDay - constantly interesting, informative and relaxing. Give it a listen.

Beautiful, soothing, poetic listening

What a stunning podcast. It is a meditation, a love letter to the night time, a nature observation, an extended poem. Factual and poetic in equal measure, it is an utter delight and leaves you wanting more.

Reminds me of being a kid and sitting around a camp fire

I love listening to the podcasts on my ride home from work at night allows me to relax. It reminds me of being a kid and sitting around the camp fire listening to others tell their stories. It's a great stress reliever after a long shift.