Afloat on birdsong, hawthorn petals and young leaves


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'Respectful of place and our deep hunger for belonging'

A beautiful podcast and online presence that is inviting, intimate and respectful of place and our deep hunger for belonging. Small everyday observations and stories, epic and ancient ones as well. I am grateful for every episode.

A lovely, gentle listen in the night

Richard's warm, welcoming voice presents not only a fascinating view of life on the canals but also an interesting journey through history, literature and myth. A panacea in troubled times and by turns soothing, lively and intriguing, it's a podcast I love tuning in to as I settle down for the night.

You, Richard, are as comfortable to me, as the old boots are to you.

You, Richard, are as comfortable to me, as the old boots are to you. I find myself eagerly awaiting your podcast. I so look forward to being invited aboard the Erica, sharing a steaming cuppa near the fire. Anticipating your calming voice, your picturesque words. You amaze me each week, with a new and beautiful portrait of your surroundings. Drawing me in, as though I too, am there soaking in every detail, every feeling, every smell, every color, every emotion and every sensation my body can consume. What an artist you are. Paint on my friend, paint on.

A warm welcome

Thank you Richard for the warm welcome and your soothing voice. Love listening to you

My favourite pod!

I’ve been listening to nosw pod from almost the beginning. My favourite of all the podcasts that I listen to, I listen at night when driving the motorways of the UK! Keep up the great work Richard. 5⭐️

It is a rare mind that can present ideas that are so varied yet so familiar, and all with a gentleness that beguiles.

By chance an American friend, and narrow boat lover, suggested this podcast. I've been listening for some months, and feel blessed to be indulged with a rare experience of transportation out of my own world and into still waters, towpaths, swans, ducks, magpies, trees, hedgerows, birdsong, grazing sheep and where English countryside, with backing noises off, is described in lyrical terms. A soft, gentle voice leads you out of yourself and onto the narrow boat Erica, where the seasons rhythms are explored. Richard Goode, our cicerone, interlaces the natural world he descibes with extracts and mentions from a rich seam of literature and cultural references he has gathered and wishes to share. Each podcast has the same comforting structure that listeners settle into to enjoy something completely different from last time, or as far as I can tell from any other time. It is a rare mind that can present ideas that are so varied yet so familiar, and all with a gentleness that beguiles. I thoroughly commend NOSW podcasts for late evening, or any old time at all, listening. I learn something of interest every podcast, and always feel better for tuning in before I turn in.

A wonderfully done podcast

A wonderfully done podcast. Richard Goode enthralls us with tales from along the cut that brings a smile, gentle laughter, and perhaps a tear or two. His style of presentation and the podcast itself bring forth a hint of nostalgia in his telling of these stories while also being informative about life on the English canals.

Like travel currency for the mind

We came across the podcast when watching an episode of the vlog 'Cruising the Cut'. We live in New Zealand and have fond memories of numerous visits to the UK including two stints onboard narrow boats exploring parts of the extensive canal networks. The podcast has been great to listen to at bedtime, especially when struggling to unwind and get to sleep. Richard's velvety voice, genuine warmth and poetic imagery portrayed in his writing, just transports us to another time and place. Very occasionally, do we hear the weather log, as sleep has usually arrived before this. We anticipate a new episode, but need several attempts to hear each one in its entirety due to their calming and relaxing effect. It's always interesting to compare weather. Our temperatures can be oddly similar at times despite being half a world away! Thanks Richard. Keep doing what you are doing with the podcast! Shona and Richard, Oamaru, New Zealand.

Harmony on water

I’ve always avoided radio (and TV), because voices were so irritating and very few podcasts appeal (or stay on for more than seconds) but this one, I enjoy thoroughly: its mix of poetry and philosophical discourse,* consummately paced and beautifully read; complimented with warm sounds of ticking clock, typewriter and nature, accompanied by well-chosen music — a perfectly balanced story of the day. I find it both soothing and stimulating in the loveliest way and fall easily into Richard’s intention — treated as a welcome friend, dropping in to share the evening. It’s a privilege to be there. *The definition “individuals imbue reality with meaning” seems so apt.

Very relaxing

Perfect way to end the day by listening to this in bed 👍🏽

Best podcast ever (for me, at least)

The host, Richard Goode, artfully weaves together well produced audio content with thought provoking narratives. The listener is welcomed aboard and taken on a journey, sometimes along the canals and environs, sometimes into philosophical territory, and sometimes on a bit of a fantasy. Wrapping up with a recitation of some "mundane" weather and astronomical data, each episode is a beautiful experience, start to finish. Highly recommend.

Love this radio show

Love your radio site! Truly Unique and Magical. I’m listening to you all the way from across the pond in Boston MA. Thanks too watching “Cruising on the Cut” we saw you in his video from May 10 2022.

Like being wrapped in a cozy audio blanket

This is such a warm, cheering podcast in these dark, depressing times. Richard has a smooth, soothing voice, and he uses it to share vignettes of life on his narrowboat and of the natural world around him, as well as lovely stories and poetry.

A heart felt thank you.

I discovered this podcast on the second or third episode. I have been following lots of YouTube Vlogs on narrowboats for several years so a narrowboat podcast was great. At the time I was searching for a podcast to help my wife fall asleep due to working different shifts at the time. Well long story short, I have been listening weekly and introduced my 6 year old Daughter Aurora "Rory" to it, she has listened to every episode several times and she loves listening to the storys. Being a hyper little girl the soothing intro and outro and Richards gentle voice helps her to fall asleep. I have found it a go to when I've had a rough day at work, it gives me something to focus on and to help me redirect and refocus. Both of us look forward to the new release every Sunday. But this past week we were blown out of the water, Richard reached out to me saying he wanted to do a shout out to Rory. I didn't tell her nor did I expect such a great and personal (to her) episode. The way he spoke to her, describing his home, and talking directly to her giving a tour, explaining everything she just beamed. Then the story he told after about a young girl called Caroline a girl in a summer dress and gumboots. The two could be sisters and this one may have made my wife a little sappy (don't tell her I said that though). We would give more than 5 stars if we could Thank you for everything M.J. & Rory.

Joyous evening listening

Absolutely love this podcast, thoughtful and inspiring bringing a calm serenity to my evenings. Many thanks.

A treat for the ears and sole

I have been a listener to Night time on still waters since almost the very start and every episode is absolutely fantastic, read with a smooth voice and the confidence of a news reader this is a podcast that will leave you wanting for more!!

I absolutely adore this podcast

I absolutely adore this podcast. I just listened to the latest episode, "Hot August Nights." I loved that I was hearing Richard's soothing voice talking about listening for distant thunder as I was lying in bed halfway around the world, also listening for distant thunder. And the thought of "walking the path of our future memories" was priceless. I can't recommend this podcast enough.

The perfect antidote to a sometimes toxic world

Listening to each episode of this podcast is a gift I give to myself each evening. I am transported back to simpler times by the descriptive richness of Richard's voice and the gentle sounds of life on the water. I feel my worries melt away as I relax into the gentle cadence and drift off to a restful sleep.

Just lovely

A friend introduced me to this. Glad he did. A calming voice, perfect for night-time listening. Simple pleasures recounted, observations. And water. What’s not to like?

My go to podcast to calm my mind

I find your podcast so relaxing and interesting. Your soothing voice calms my mind and kicks my spiraling anxiety to the side, soothing me to sleep each night. In the morning, I listen again to start my day well and catch anything I may have missed when I dozed off the night before.

How amazing to listen to

Firstly I am amazed anyone can leave a one star review, if you don’t like it don’t listen This is poetic and very calming I am amazed and will often put It on in the evening to unwind

Only 5 Stars?

If allowed, I would rate Nighttime on Still Waters dozens of stars rather than a measly 5. The world would be a nicer place in which to live if everyone were tuned into this podcast. Focusing on work had become a delight since I've been listening. I find myself listening to the podcasts over and over again as if they were drugs. This is an addiction I am eager to adopt. Congratulations Richard.

Gentle as a shower on a tin roof

Richard's voice is so smooth. He pulls you in gently to his world of words and leaves you pondering the thoughts, feelings and pictures he paints. Relaxing. l look forward to his podcast and find myself participating with words in comment. Gentle as rain shower on a tin roof.

This is not just a Podcast....

This is a nighttimeonstillwaters podcast - A rich concoction of words & images, thoughts & reflections; Coated in the warmth of a smiling voice, and drizzled with gentle background sounds; Filled with textures of narrowboat tales, and a centre oozing with the poetry of life; Crafted with care, and dusted with a sprinkling of magic stardust from a box of treasures & delights. This is not just a podcast This is a nighttimeonstillwaters ‘good-to-be-here’ podcast Worth every listening minute several times over. Thank you Enjoy🙏


Such a calm and soothing voice. Thank you for this amazing podcast.

Perfect for bedtime

With a voice absolutely made for radio or podcasting, Richard Goode’s regular ‘narrowcasts’ from ‘somewhere on Britain’s waterways’ are perfect for relaxation at the end of the day. Richard has a very soothing delivery, talking about living aboard the narrow boat ‘Erica’ or the wildlife around his moorings. I put an episode on as I get into bed and, by the end of roughly half an hour, I find that I regularly slip into slumber as the Lister putters off into the distance at the end.

Well written and wonderful!

You can’t beat the writing and the voice that reminds me of listening to my parents and their friends telling stories from the stairs in my pajamas as a child.

Colour of water

Absolutely excellent

Gentle yet thought provoking

Gentle yet thought provoking enough to draw the mind away from daytime worries.

Part of my nighttime routine... every night!

So glad I discovered the wonderfully soothing NOSW last year, these stunning podcasts have very much become part of my nightly routine. All of Richard's episodes are informative, varied and so very enchanting. What's more you can easily go back over past episodes again at a later date and get even more out of the podcasts, as if listening to them for the first time. The pace, presentation and rhythm of each episode hits the mark every time, leading to a uniquely relaxing audio experience. Thank you Richard.