The unloved places, the lost and discarded places, these are the places of carnival

Behind the Mic

Welcome to the world behind Nighttime on Still Waters

Studio set up

All set up and ready to go for the next episode of Nighttime on Still Waters!

The study on the Erica

The study on the Erica which is where I do all the recordings.

Study stove

The study stove (keeps me warm through winter!) and steps up to stern hatch

Writing box

One of my most treasured possessions; my writing box for notes, recording records (and one of our swans' wing feathers)


The director (of just about everything!): Penny On air


A bit of research with the trusty help of the Rev. Keble Martin (Summer 2021)

Jotting down notes on Erica's roof

Catching the last of the evening sun on Erica's roof while jotting down some notes. 

Field recording insects and bees (Summer 2021)

Field recording insects and bees (Summer 2021)

More research (honestly!)

First ideas

Early ideas and notes for the podcast (2019). Mapping out different formats. In its earliest stages, Donald Fagen's 'The Nightfly' was a huge influence and inspiration. 

Nighttime on Still Waters on Cruising the Cut

If you would like to see more of NB Erica as well as some behind the scenes footage of the podcast, Nighttime on Still Waters is featured in one David Johns' Cruising the Cut vlogs. You can view it by clicking the link or the picture below.

cruising the cut thumbnail
Episode 265: 'Evoking the spirit of pirate radio... on the canal'