Snatching the sound of Manannán's song on the bite of a northwesterly wind


Natural World (General) Philosophy/reflective Natural World (Flora)

Autumn colours the tattered garments of summer

Oct. 16, 2022

The colours of autumn this year promise to be spectacular and the towpaths are being transformed by the brush of autumn’s artistry. Join us tonight as we drink in some of the sights and ponder why this season can evoke such …

Natural World (General) Philosophy/reflective History (General) Natural World (Birds) Natural World (Flora)

I have Heard the Roar of Spring (and it is fearful)

April 3, 2022

Just as the wind swung north with its sting of sleet and hail, the first batch of ducklings were hatched this week. It was a far from simple event! However, as winter attempted to reassert itself with some biting winds and s…

Philosophy/reflective Natural World (Birds) Natural World (Flora)

Steps out of Step

March 27, 2022

A week of glorious spring weather has heightened springtime activity along the canal sides and nearby fields. It also coincides with a particularly busy period personally. My response and those of the birds and animals aroun…

Philosophy/reflective Natural World (Flora)

Traveller's Joy

Nov. 21, 2021

The pace of autumn is gathering and a chill is creeping into the air tonight, but the stove is warm. In tonight’s episode we go off to encounter Traveller’s Joy, and explore the potency and importance of names. Journal entry…

Philosophy/reflective Natural World (Flora)

The Elf of Plants

Oct. 24, 2021

This week Vanessa from ‘The Mindful Narrowboat’ vlog got me thinking and so this week we begin to explore how our knowledge and (perhaps) attitudes to fungi are changing and leading us back to older ways of thinking about th…

Natural World (General) Philosophy/reflective Natural World (Flora)

(Un)Naming of Parts

Sept. 5, 2021

How did the willow threaten a powerful king? What has bloody fingers to do with St Withburga? How much does our knowledge of the world dictate the way you see it? The names we give things are useful (vital even), but they ar…

Natural World (General) Natural World (Flora)

Summer Heavy with Fruit

Aug. 22, 2021

Is August high summer, late summer, or early autumn? Does the Queen own our little cygnet that went missing? Who looks after the canal banks? This week’s episode addresses all these pressing questions, as well as dealing wit…