Afloat on birdsong, hawthorn petals and young leaves
Dec. 6, 2020


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The temperature is just above freezing and the ground is slick with mud. Join me tonight for a night-walk to Bearley (Odd) lock to see what sounds we can hear and feel the quiet stillness of the canal in the depths of winter’s night. 

Journal entry:

“2nd December, Wednesday.

The swan is back. Its serpentine reflection ghosts the water. I indulge myself that it is the same juvenile cob that disappeared a month or so ago. 

It now has a mate and the water carries them effortlessly like two pampered puppies carried on cushions.

They take food from me; soft sibilant vocalisations, as I drink my mid-morning tea. One snortles and blows through its nose. I hope it’s normal. Avian flu is attacking swans.

I feel rather foolishly protective and invested in their alien lives.”

Episode Information

Photographs of Bearley or Odd Lock can be viewed on the podcast’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages – details below. 

For pictures and information of Bearley Lock on the Geograph website click here: Bearley Lock 

General Details

In the intro and the outro, Saint-Saen's The Swan is performed by Karr and Bernstein (1961) and available on CC at

Two-stroke narrowboat engine recorded by 'James2nd' on the River weaver, Cheshire. Uploaded on 23rd June 2018. Creative Commons Licence. 

Piano interludes composed and performed by Helen Ingram.

All other audio recorded on site. 

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