Afloat on birdsong, hawthorn petals and young leaves
Oct. 18, 2020

The Erica behind the Erica

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In this episode we explore the history of NB 506812 before she became our home and meet the Erica behind the Erica.
Journal entry: 
“16th October, Friday. The canal continues to thread its silent way through autumn. There’s a hint now of mist on colder dawns. Today, it lies still and steely. Penny trots ahead, tail up, relaxed, contentedly sniffing the trail and foil of the unseen world. The hedges are garlanded with crimson, rosehip lanterns and bryony’s poisonous fire. The air is filled with the smell of damp earth, leaf mould, wood smoke. Together, we walk through the mystery of autumn.” 


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 Episode Information
Saint-Saen's The Swan is performed by Karr and Bernstein (1961) and available on CC at
Two-stroke narrowboat engine recorded by 'James2nd' on the River weaver, Cheshire. Uploaded on 23rd June 2018. Creative Commons Licence. 
Piano interludes written and performed by Helen Ingram