'By badger light and lantern's sigh, and lonely flies the vixen's cry...'


Natural World (General) Philosophy/reflective Natural World (Flora)

(Un)Naming of Parts

Sept. 5, 2021

How did the willow threaten a powerful king? What has bloody fingers to do with St Withburga? How much does our knowledge of the world dictate the way you see it? The names we give things are useful (vital even), but they ar…

Philosophy/reflective Night Time

Night Walking

Aug. 8, 2021

After a 3 week break, Nighttime on Still Waters is back with episode 40! In this episode we catch up with what has been happening on the moorings and reflect on the place of night walking in history and culture. Journal entr…

Philosophy/reflective Natural World (Birds)

The Heron's Gaze

July 11, 2021

This week we explore and reflect upon a wonderful poem by narrowboater Steve May (NB Blue Phoenix), ‘The Magnificent Heron’. There is a growing appreciation of genuine encounters with animals and birds and, with the help of …

Natural World (General) Philosophy/reflective Night Time

Twilight Blue

July 4, 2021

Did you know that each evening we experience THREE twilights? Each one with distinctive features and that during this period we respond in physiological ways. Similarly, our ancestors appeared to have taken advantage of thes…

Philosophy/reflective Radio

Fractured Beauties of the Night

June 13, 2021

The hold of early summer along the canal-side grows firmer each day. However, sometimes the changes and shifts in the season can affect us in surprising and sometimes disconcerting ways. This episode reflects on the birth of…

Natural World (General) Philosophy/reflective Natural World (Birds)


June 6, 2021

The world is filled with new life, fledglings of all kinds. It is noisy, messing, sometimes cruel, and so full of vitality and life. It’s an boisterous energy that cannot be contained or ignored. From vetch, to rabbits and b…

Philosophy/reflective History (Personal)

Rhyme & (sometimes) Reason

May 30, 2021

What was the first poem that you ever learnt? This week marks the fourth anniversary of my mother’s death and, for some reason, it has brought to mind poems that she loved and that I shared with her as a child. There is some…

Philosophy/reflective Night Time

Into the Night

May 23, 2021

What is ‘dead sleep’ and ‘morning sleep’? Why are 'duck hatches' invaluable? What should we do with the feral ducks? In this far ranging episode. we explore the night-time of history and discover that, perhaps, the importanc…

Philosophy/reflective Natural World (Birds)

The Clerical Heron

May 16, 2021

What is it about the heron that makes it such a frequent subject for social media posts featuring canal and riverside birds? There is something about it that is strange, singular almost. Spotting one is often felt to be a si…

Soundscapes, Boat Life Philosophy/reflective Weather

May Rains

May 9, 2021

This week the rains swept in pushed by great fronts of ocean air – moisture from places with magical names that I hear on the shipping forecast and can only imagine. Life around progressed without a murmur and the ground dra…

Philosophy/reflective History (Personal)

A Lifetime Ago

May 2, 2021

A lifetime ago, almost to the day, it turned cooler after an uncustomary warm and dry couple of weeks. Synoptic charts show high pressure moving up the country dragging with it frontal systems. No doubt, on that day, some lo…

Natural World (General) Philosophy/reflective

Man on the Bicycle

March 21, 2021

The journey from winter into spring is often messy and ill-defined. Sometimes it feels as if we are making progress and at others the cold and damp of winter days returns. As we are also contemplating moving from lockdown it…

Boat Life Philosophy/reflective History (Canals)

Canal Time

Feb. 7, 2021

One of the first things you will experience when you cast off onto the waterways is, what is sometimes referred to as, ‘canal time.’ What is canal time and how is it different to land time? Canal time functions not so much a…


Morning Sun: Living the dark days of January

Jan. 17, 2021

January 18th (2021) is 'Blue Monday'. The third Monday in January is considered by many to be the most depressing day in the calendar. As we enter the dark days of January, this episode considers the importance of the hope o…