Snatching the sound of Manannán's song on the bite of a northwesterly wind


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'I've Got Her Now' (Love and Hawthorn Blossom)

June 12, 2022

This week has been one of extremes that encompasses the splendour of solitude and an onboard visit by three very enthusiastic police dogs (and a puppy)! Alongside all this, we took time to listen to some bats, watch the cygn…

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The Colour of Water

May 22, 2022

I want to describe to you what I saw today, but I can't. We have so many words to describe and represent the most complex of concepts. Why then is it almost impossible to describe something so simple and ordinary as the colo…

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Entanglements with the Archdeacon

April 17, 2022

The archdeacon is one of the colourful local characters who live here. Irascible and combative, he is nevertheless an important part of the social life of this small portion of the watery world. He’s a feral domestic duck w…

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I have Heard the Roar of Spring (and it is fearful)

April 3, 2022

Just as the wind swung north with its sting of sleet and hail, the first batch of ducklings were hatched this week. It was a far from simple event! However, as winter attempted to reassert itself with some biting winds and s…

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Skies of Impossible Blue

March 20, 2022

This week’s episode is filled with sunshine, the scent of resin, and the soporific call of pigeon and dove as we explore a little further afield. A visit to Dad on the north Norfolk coast means a change in landscape. Find ou…

Soundscapes, Boat Life Natural World (General)

Riding the Storm (Eunice)

Feb. 20, 2022

Snuggle up comfortably as you join us on the NB Erica for a wild night and day as we ride the storms Dudley and Eunice. The poems of Ted Hughes, Louis MacNeice, A.A. Milne, William Blake, and John Betjeman keep us company as…

Natural World (General) Philosophy/reflective Natural World (Birds) Weather

Windy Days and Nights

Feb. 13, 2022

You join us tonight at the end of a rather windy day. There seems to be a fairly common feeling that we have been encountering a lot of blustery winds recently, both meteorologically and metaphorically. Tonight, we stoke the…

Natural World (General)

Into a New Year

Jan. 9, 2022

Join us on NB Erica on a blustery January night. The cold Wolf Moon is nearing its first quarter and the stars glitter like ice. After an unexpected delayed start to the New Year, we are back on air and with some exciting(-i…

Natural World (General) Philosophy/reflective

The Hill

Dec. 19, 2021

As tonight’s full moon is shrouded by the fog that rolls down the hill and curls and drifts upon the water join us aboard the NB Erica as we fall once more in love with the commonplace and overlooked things. The hill may not…

Natural World (General) Philosophy/reflective History (General) Weather

Winter Wisdom (Wintrum frod)

Dec. 12, 2021

Following the epic weather of the past few weeks, we go back in time to a period that best celebrated this type of weather. In this episode we explore why the enigmatic appeal of Anglo-Saxon poetry and its fascination (or ev…

Natural World (General) Philosophy/reflective History (General) Night Time

A Rhythm of Cycles

Dec. 5, 2021

You join us on (another)stormy night, but this one is moonless and black as tar. It is the night of the new moon – the Cold Moon or the Long Night Moon. The phases of the moon give us an opportunity to contemplate the intric…

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Episode Out of Time

Nov. 14, 2021

Against all odds, this episode comes a little out of time! Events have conspired resulting in a slightly truncated episode recorded in the afternoon!! Nevertheless, duck chatter and babies (with a little help from John Moria…

Boat Life Natural World (General) Radio Weather

Shipping Forecasts and Weather Logs

Oct. 10, 2021

When I meet people who listen to this podcast, one of the most frequently mentioned features is the inclusion of the weather log with which I end each episode. This week I talk about what inspired it, one of which is my chil…

Natural World (General) Philosophy/reflective Natural World (Flora)

(Un)Naming of Parts

Sept. 5, 2021

How did the willow threaten a powerful king? What has bloody fingers to do with St Withburga? How much does our knowledge of the world dictate the way you see it? The names we give things are useful (vital even), but they ar…

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Summer Heavy with Fruit

Aug. 22, 2021

Is August high summer, late summer, or early autumn? Does the Queen own our little cygnet that went missing? Who looks after the canal banks? This week’s episode addresses all these pressing questions, as well as dealing wit…